Shared sample with randomize all feature

Hello there
Not sure if this is a bug or design decision but when using the randomize sample feature, it only looks in the imported samples folder. I cannot get it to look in the Shared samples folder. Is there any way to do this so that randomization can access my personal collection of samples?
It is also not possible to access the folders within the shared sample folder when using an Auv3. It is possible in standalone.

kind regards

Hello Shemloo,

When randomizing a sample it will always pick a new one out of the folder that the previous sample was.

If you’re using the iOS version this function will behave a bit differently. Unfortunately Apple guidelines does not allow AUv3 apps to access the shared sample folder through the files app, otherwise we would have kept the ‘add folder’ button that exists on the Desktop version.

Hopefully this will change soon and once it is allowed by Apple we can immediately include this as well.

Sorry, am I wrong or does the randomization, on ios, only change the position of the samples assigned to the individual channels?
I ask , why I have not seen new samples replace the ones already assigned.
Thanks for your kind attention

Hello Frelu,

This shouldn’t happen. When randomizing a sample on a slot (or when randomizing All sample slots) it will pick a new sample out of the same folder that the previous sample was.

Can you please confirm that this is working for you?

Yep Now it works perfectly