Playbeat Midi Merge Clip?

hi, i would like to understand before buying if playbeat can merge midi tracks. I would like to generate a single midi file to send to my TR8 S, I work in ableton live 11

yes, don’t know about live 11 drag&drop, ( i only have lite version, so limited) but the export/export as midi file is a way who works for me :wink:

Playbeat export in merge mode? or only split mode for all midi?

Can’t answer for ableton live, but Daw like Reaper give you the choice when you import so i suppose you need to check your Daw documentation ?

Hi, can we have a definite answer to this question… I have the iOS version and I cannot get a ‘single’ traditional midi file (with all tracks/instruments) exported, even with the ‘All Stems’ Export (it exports 8 separate tracks)… Am I doing something wrong?

Hello RajahP,
When you click on the ‘All Stems’ export how many files are being saved?

8 Separate tracks/files.


When saving All Stems as a MIDI file there should be one .mid file created.
However, when importing this file to a DAW, in most cases, the DAW will give you the choice to either assign this to up to 8 separate tracks or merge into a single midi track.
So, it depends of the DAW/Host in use and how it handles multi-midi files. In most cases, by default the MIDI file will be assigned to up to 8 separate midi tracks.

Recently bought the desktop version, maybe desktop DAWs will handle midi differently…
In iOs, I am getting 8 independent tracks ‘only’… Xequence, and other midi programs…

We can definitely add a way to force-merge the midi altogether.
It will come with our next update.


Thanks for the update… it worked pretty nice, iOs and Desktop Windows…

So much potential…


Seems there is an issue with the iOS Au midi export (or is it me?). It seems to freeze when trying to export…

Hi RajahP, Indeed we have identified an issue which affects the AUv3 on certain iOS versions and we’re working to fix it.

Thank you for your patience,

Works like a charm after recent update…
Thank you… Sweet.

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