Drag Drop Midi Directly From Step Page and Remix Page & Merge MIDI Data

After a few days of using playbeat I found the playbeat midi export is not like what I expected, well I can’t try this option in trial mode

If you use Ableton live, Ableton Live doesn’t merge the midi files automatically, it’s a huge waste of time when exporting midi

Why? because first, you need to generate the midi in playbeat, then click export, then drag the files into DAW, then (this is the nightmare) if you want the midi files to merge in one track, let’s say you use Ableton drum rack or NI battery, you need to manually copy paste every single exported midi track into one single track

Let me show you what I mean

Doing something like this even if just one time, it’s ineffective, tedious, and wastes time. Unfortunately, when building beats we didn’t stop in one try right? let’s say you need to try 20 - 100 beats and do the same process as I said before, absolutely a nightmare

For now, if I want a midi file as a whole what I can do is record the midi data, it’s works, accurate, and faster than midi export, but still ineffective because I need to wait for Live to record from start to end for every beat

My request for midi export are:

  1. Please add an option to export midi as a whole/merge

  2. Add an ability to drag and drop midi in the steps menu and remix, maybe add some button or something like that

For example: Maybe Audiomodern can embed drag and drop midi ability to “All button” for export all midi at once, and drag-drop ability to track number buttons for individual midi stems in the steps page.

Same as the remix page, embedding drag and drop midi to each remix pad/cell will be a time saver. So we can just drag midi data directly from the remix pad/all button/track number button, select active remix pad-drag-drop into DAW-done, no menu diving

Again, I need to say this, when we build beats we don’t stop in one beat, usually, we try dozens or hundred beats. So the ability to do everything in one place or minimize moving between windows/menus is necessary to make it a fast and effective workflow because we do the same process over and over.

  1. Keep the export tab for detailed export options and audio export


Hello Bitkaster,

Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback. I can confirm that this is a popular request and is coming with our 3.1.6 update later on next week.

Thanks for your patience :v:


Super nice, thank you !!! :grinning: