Export AUDIO / MIDI individually at once

In the EXPORT window it would be good to have an extra button on both audio and MIDI sections, something like “Export Individual Tracks” and hitting that would allows us to export all 8 tracks at once (Audio or MIDI), instead of one by one or by exporting it as a single mixed file.

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Hi @iamdannywyatt,

Yes, it would be good to have this option too. We will add it with an upcoming update. :slight_smile:



Awesome! Thanks. This will make everything faster and easier

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I came to ask about this (among other things). In Playbeat the button that says “All Stems” is incorrectly labelled, since it produces a mix.

Second request: I was surprised that there is no way to specify where files are exported. I found them on my C drive deep under the User folder. I never use the boot drive for working files, so this is a problem.

Hi, this was changed after version 3.0 where the export button would export all stems individually, and was changed to export the mix via popular demand. Perhaps both options would provide greater flexibility.

About exporting, should there be a prompt window asking you where you want to save the files? Can you confirm it is there for you?

Both options would be good! Otherwise I need to click eight times for every export. The current export should be labelled “Mix”.

I can confirm that when clicking the graphical buttons I get no dialogue asking me where to save. This is on Windows 10 (latest version). If I click “Export as Audio file” then I do get a dialogue.


Would really like this as well

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I would be really greatefull for this! Thanx in advance!