Playbeat MIDI Assignments Not Plug-in Instance Specific?


If I set an instance of Playbeat up in one Ableton Live 11 set, with for example, a CC number of ‘0’ for Global Dice, and then in a subsequent Ableton set, change that in the particular plug-in instance, in that particular Ableton Live 11 set, it changes it in the previous Ableton set ( like a global MIDI setting).
Is it possible to adjust those MIDI assignments so that they are specific to a single instance rather than a global change to every instance of the plug-in?

Hi davidfodel,

Yes, we will check what is triggering this and correct with a quick update.
Stay tuned.


Has this been “corrected with a quick update” yet? I am using what appears to be the latest version (3.2.6) but it is still the same problem. I feel like Playbeat is due for a fairly extensive update…

Hi davidfodel,

While this function is intentional and designed to serve quick mapping across different projects we understand that it might not be very flexible in the use case you mentioned. I can confirm that we have already worked in this for our major update which will be available soon.

Perhaps creating a ‘Save Template’ function so that a user May choose to load a previously created set of mappings? Otherwise default behavior is to save mappings per instance of the plug-in.

We’re already working on this and we will come up with a solution soon. Thank you for your patience.