Playbeat and Beatstep

Playbeat and Beatstep. Trying to get them to talk to each other properly. I’ve tried various methods and they don’t seem to work, including changing the parameters in the settings. The settings in the key icon/dialog track input doesn’t save when I exit the settings. It was the only way I could get the Beatstep pads to play any of the tracks. It also won’t accept Beatstep in the output boxes either. I’ve tried 3 different Daws, same result. I’ve been able to use the pads on Beatstep on different with success on other Vstis.

Hi TreatMaster,

Can you please explain what exactly you are trying to achieve?
What are you trying to map into the Beatstep Pads? Also which Playbeat version are you using?

I’m just trying to map up to eight samples, one on each pad on 8 of the sixteen pads. So I can trigger/play them individually. I can easily map each pad key in Arturia’s midi center. It doesn’t work so well in Playbeat. One part of the program just doesn’t save any changes to the key I set. Does strange things to the fixed note output. Doesn’t like beatstep entered into the tracks midi output dialogs. I’m using 3.1.7. I’m using Reaper.

Thanks for the clarification,

Have you tried to map your controller pads via the midi learn screen here?

Choosing any of the Sample Trigger slots will allow you to click and map your controller. In your case a different pad to each sample trigger pad

I think I already have, but I’ll give it another go.