Playbeat 3 - sample triggers will only play one at a time

I have mapped the sample triggers in Playbeat to my Beatstep Pro and/or my Novation SL MK3 and on either device, I can only trigger one sample at a time. Meaning, if I fire off a kick and a hi-hat on step 1, I will only hear one of them, making it impossible/inconvenient to use any external sequencing device to spin up a quick beat.

This feels like a bug, but I didn’t see anything in the manual about the sample triggers and a search on the forum didn’t yield anything. Since it occurs with both devices, it does not appear to be a device limitation (neither device has an issue with Battery 4 or Ableton Drum Rack).

Anybody have advice for triggering multiple sounds from an external device simultaneously?

Hi rejohns2,
Is this happening only when trying to map the sample triggers to a controller, or when triggering via keyboard too? (C3, C#3, D3, D#3. etc…)

This happens both when triggering via CC or when triggering via a key. Only 1 sample will trigger at a time.

Is there any mono input triggering setting in your DAW/Track?
We are not able to replicate such an issue, Which is your DAW? Does that happen in Standalone mode too?

Just went back to check and this is a total user error… I was only assigning the “Pad Preview Sample” and not using the Fixed Note Input in the MIDI settings (which works as intended).
Apologies and thank you for the help/responses!

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