Playbeat 3 - Unable to route MIDI on Ableton 10 and Reaper

Hello, I am struggling to find a way to send MIDI output from Playbeat 3 in Ableton 10 and Reaper.

I think the settings are ok, the drum machine plays from note C1 in the Ableton piano roll:

As a new user I can’t embed more than one image, so I am uploading elsewhere the settings:

I noticed an odd behaviour: when trying to change the “Fixed Note Output” of track 5 and 6 the loaded sounds into these tracks of Playbeat changed pitches.

Hello sf84,

Thanks for reaching out. have to tried to also change the ‘Post FX’ menu on your second track to ‘Playbeat’ ?

Many thanks, it works on Ableton!
Will check on Reaper.

I noticed two odd behaviours:

  1. When reloading the Ableton Live Set, the settings of Playbeat were lost (luckily I saved them as template). This is what I found:


  1. Even if I didn’t activate the tracks 7 and 8, the VST was still receiving the MIDI messages and was triggering its internal sequencer for some reasons I can’t understand at the moment. So I had to mute them: