Playbeat 3 MIDI Routing in Ableton Live 11


I have just purchased Playbeat 3 and am very excited to use it. However, MIDI routing is not working for me in Ableton. I will attach screenshots below; I have loaded an instance of Playbeat 3 as AU, VST2 and VST3 and attempted to route each to an instance of MIDI Monitor and Operator. As you can see, I have a pattern playing on Track 1, which should be sending a C3 note out from Playbeat. However, there is no MIDI detected or note being played from any of these.

I have tried this with “MIDI From” on each instance of Playbeat set to “All Ins” and “No Input”, and on each receiving channel I have tried with input set to both Pre- and Post- FX. None of these seems to work.

Screenshot 1: Pattern playing

Screenshot 2: MIDI routing settings

Screenshot 3: No MIDI detected by MIDI Monitor or Operator

Hello ausxen,
Thanks for reaching out. Could you please change also the ‘Post FX’ drop-down on Live to ‘Playbeat 3’ when using the VST or VST3?

Let me know if that worked!

Hi, thanks for responding. I kept trying to solve this after posting and found that the option to get MIDI out from “Playbeat 3” as opposed to Pre/Post - FX is glitchy in the newest version of Live, 11.1.

I was able to route MIDI properly in 11.0.12, and also restart Ableton 11.1 and it worked. Not sure why.

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