Playbeat 3 on Ableton 11 - cannot send Plugin Midi Output

Hello there.

I’ve purchased Playbeat primarily to use it as a randomizer for midi patters to be used on other plugins. I’ve been trying for a while to have this working and it’s driving me nuts.

I don’t seem to have a drop down to choose from (screen capture with the orange box)

Can you help me?


Hi tiagoayresnunes,

Is it possible that you are using the AU version of Playbeat? Audio Unit plugins in general can not output MIDI, it is a format limitation unrelated to Playbeat, if you want to route MIDI from one plugin to another you need to use the VST or VST3 version.

Hope this helps!

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Hello guys, thank you for your help.

I’m embarrassed I didn’t notice that, it was exactly what you said. I was using Audio Unit instead of VST.

Now using VST it works just fine.

Thanks again!

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