Playbeat Plugin MIDI Output Not Working (Studio One 6)

Playbeat 3.2.4 - Mac OS 12.4 - Studio One

I’m hoping someone can tell me where I’m going wrong.

I’ve drawn up a great little sequence in Playbeat 3 using StudioOne v6. But, I can’t seem to get the MIDI Output from Playbeat to trigger any of my other Virtual Instruments. I can set a stereo audio file to record audio output from Playbeat without issue, but there’s zero MIDI data coming from Playbeat 3.

Am I missing something vital here?

UPDATE: It would seem using the AU version instead of the VST version of the plugin was causing an issue. And the VST/VST3 versions were still registering the plugin as a trial (had to manually deleted the trial plugins from the Library folder)

That being said, issues continue to persist: As of right now, I can only get Track 1 from the Sequencer to Output MIDI date to the instrument track targeted by Playbeat. None of channels 2-8 are putting out MIDI date across different MIDI channels or OMNI.

Hello szlafarskimusic,

Thanks for reaching out. That is correct, Audio Unit plugins can not output MIDI. It is a format limitation unrelated to Playbeat. If you want to route MIDI from any plugin you need to use the VST or VST3 version of the app.

About your issue, Have you tried to set the ‘plugin MIDI Output’ to ‘All’ on the top left menu on your settings tab?