Import Playbeat 3 Midi into Ableton Live 11

Hi there, I am new to Playbeat 3.

I have trouble importing Playbeat 3 MIDI into Ableton Live 11. I can import it in both session and arrangement view and I can start playing the file but… I cannot hear anything. It works fine with Audio files but not with Midi. I assume there is some configuartion in Ableton that I do not know of.

It would be great if someone could help me.

Thanks in advance.



Hello JoernK

What instrument are you trying to ‘feed’ from Playbeat? Have you checked the MIDI output settings as described in this video?

Thank you for the video but it did not really help because I don’t know what Midi settings I have to use in Playbeat. I want to export Midi files just like Audio files simply by drag and drop but it doesn’t work.

Are you trying to ‘feed’ another instrument via MIDI from Playbeat? Is there any instrument loaded on the track that you are importing the MIDI?

There is no other instrument. It is an empty Midi track.

So, in this case are you trying to feed Playbeat midi back to Playbeat?

At the moment this would not be possible as the pattern that is generated takes into account the pitch shifting engine (pitch tab) which generates a range of C-2 to G8 for each of the sequencers, which means there would be no separation between the sequencers as all share the same range.
The MIDI output is there so Playbeat can be used as a MIDI generator to ‘feed’ other drum samplers and modules.

With our upcoming update we will be introducing the option to trigger the pattern(s) from a single keyboard key but until then i would advise to use the Audio Export function.

I am not sure what you mean. I just want to use Playbeat Midi Files the same way I use the Audio files. What do I have to adjust where (in Playbeat or Ableton Live) to be able to do just that.

Audio and MIDI data are two different things, the MIDI coming from Playbeat is there so you can use this MIDI to feed another module, sampler or synth. Which is the instrument that you are trying to use with Playbeat’s MIDI?