Playbeat 3 edited samples not exporting (as edited)

Hi, it would seem that any edits made to samples, i.e shift of start/end points, fade in/fade out are not being implemented on export. It appears the original unedited samples only are exported.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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Bumping cause I’m having the same problem! Fade out is not working on audio export. Pretty annoying

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Yeah, immediately not used function after trying the export samples feature.

I’m using Reason Studios in WIN 10, what DAW and OP system are you folks using?

Also, when I go to import samples I occasionally get the Windows default ‘dong’ sound.
Is anyone else getting this, too?

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I got the same problem.
Edits made to samples in Playbeat do not transfer over to the Midi or wav export.
Also as this small shift of when a sample starts to play (predelay) occures wich makes it hard to sync them in a track.
I’m using Windows 10, DAW: FL studio 20.8.xx .

Hi jar009,
Are you using the latest 3.1.7 version of Playbeat?

I only saw the update after writing this post.
I’ll test it on Playbeat 3.1.7 .