Playbeat 3, 32 steps saved preset with fixed note output trigger wrong note


It’s me again. I found a bug in playbeat 3

NOTE: It only happens with saved preset with 32 steps

I made a custom preset with fixed midi out from C1 - G1 for tracks 1-8 to trigger the Ableton Live drum rack. But when I reloaded the preset, playbeat triggered the wrong note, but only from steps 17 -32. Steps 1-16 working normally. From steps 17-32 playbeat suddenly triggers C3, but when back to steps 1-16 playbeat triggers correct notes which are C1-G1

To fix this issue, I need to change the fixed notes to random notes and then back to the original notes (C1-G1)

VST3 and VST have same bug


Playbeat 3.1.5 VST3 & VST
OS Windows 11
Ableton Live 11.1.6

Thanks for the the video.

I can confirm this has already been fixed and our upcoming version 3.1.6 will solve this issue.
We expect to have this new version available next week.