Playbeat 3.2.5 does not show as a midi fx in Logic pro for iPad

PB 3 shows in the drop down menu as an instrument, but it doesn’t show up as a midi fx.

Logic pro for ipad, iPad Air 5th gen (M1)

Hopefully it’s an easy fix. Please?

Hi Tentype,

Thanks for reaching out. That is because Playbeat is an instrument and not a midi processor plugin. We have included a MIDI FX version for Logic Pro on Desktop as a bonus for users that want to use Playbeat as a MIDI sequencer, we will see if we can add this to the iOS version as well.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for your response. I don’t quite understand why a new version is necessary though?
Playbeat works well as a sequencer only in most (perhaps all) other DAW’s like AUM, Loopy, Drambo. In Loopy you have to load PB3 as a midi auv3 and that’s no problem. In Logic pro Drumcomputer can be loaded as either an instrument or a midi fx so it’s possible to have one auv3 be both in that DAW as well.

An update is necessary to add this new module and to appear as a MIDI FX for Logic Pro on iPad.

Got it. I thought you meant a separate app.

Crossing my fingers that update comes soon.

Thanks for your work on playbeat. Truly one of a kind. :two_hearts:

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