Playbeat 3 as a MIDI-FX in Logic Pro, to sequence drums

Hi there

I had some issues installing playbeat3 as midi fx in LogicX, but it’s installed now.
But i cannot get the playbeat3 to send midi to any drum plugin or synth on the track.
This is the whole reason to use this as a midi fx plugin, not an instrument.

Playbeat works fine as an instrument, but as a midi fx it wont send any midi.
I can use riffer in this way, and i would just use that, but it’s hard to use for drums because you cant double up notes in riffer.

Anyone using this method in there current Logic X setup, could you help me with how you got it working :slight_smile:


Here is a screenshot of the output settings.

Thanks for the scattershot,
What is your Logic version and OS version?

Thanks for the screenshots.
I assume that it is a problem related to M1 setup.
I have forwarded the problem to the rest of the dev team so we can correct with a quick update.

Thank you for your patience.

Hopefully there is a fix, because it seems like a great tool.
I should mention I tried running Logic is ‘rosetta mode’, but still. no luck.