Playbeat 3.1.8 crashes on turning on plugin MIDI fixed note output

I can’t turn track 1 on with fixed note output in AUM and Loopy Pro, it Will crash the app. I can turn on the other tracks, but they don’t send out any fixed notes. So I can’t trigger any notes within FAC Drumkit. I have the latest versions of every app and iOS. Can you help to fix this. Thanks :pray:

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Are you part of a beta testing group? I’m only on 3.1.7

No I’m not, just from the Apple App Store.

Hi Patronix,
Thanks for reaching out. This is strange. When exactly does the app crash? when you toggle the on/off, or when you choose a fixed note?

Hi. When I toggle the switch of track 01. And there are no fixed notes triggering when you change it to an specific key. It also happens in the standalone version. All the other switches work, but no notes triggering. I use an iPad Pro M1 with an Arturia minifuse 4 audio-interface. Hopes this info helps.

Thanks for the info.

This is strange, i don’t think we can re-create this. Are you able to delete and re-install the app? Then check if the issue is still there?

I would also advise to make a backup of your patterns and save them in a pack first.

I had tried this already. But the problem still exists after reinstalling. If you like I could capture a video when it crashes, but I can’t upload video in the forum. Let me know if I can help solve this issue. Thanks :pray:

That would be great. If you could send this to contact [at] audiomodern [dot] com it will help.


Happy New Year!

On iPadOS 16.2 (iPad PRO M1) - Playbeat v3.2.0:
2 instances of Playbeat 3 AUv3 loaded in 2 separated tracks in Drambo.
A third track is for Fac Drumkit to receive Midi from both instance of Playbeat 3.

1/ Indeed, there’s definitely a crash app issue of Playbeat 3 which occurs 90% of the time (here in Drambo) when attempting to turn Fixed Note Output Track 1 ON .
Note that both Playbeat 3 loaded crash in the same time.

2/ Besides, I confirm other Fixed Note Output tracks can be turned ON easily, but they don’t send out any fixed notes other than the default one setup in a first instance of Playbeat 3 already set. So we can only trigger 8 notes within FAC Drumkit and not 16 as expected.

Hope it will help to make you fix these issues.

Playbeat 3.2.0 crashes everytime when i want to load a Sample in it.
Any Idea?

Hi bdetzel,
Can we please have some more information?
What version are you using (VST/VST3/AU)
Which is your DAW and OS version?
Do you have a crash log you can share with us?
Also, can you please share the sample that i causing Playbeat to crash?

App crash when trying to enable fixed midi note output. I got the app to sequence gear but it’s impossible if I can’t configure midi settings.
iPadOS 16.2
iPad Air 6

Same here. Tapping the on button for fixed note output on any track instantly crashes the app. AU in AUM or Standalone on ios 16.3 and latest Playbeat.

Thanks for the information, we will check what is causing this and correct with a quick update.


Same here, I’m on an iPad 10 and turning on fixed note output on track 1 crash each time.

Thanks for the information,
It seems that this issue affects certain iOS version sand not others, we are working to fix this.

Thanks for your patience.

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Just bought the Mac version today. Got to the various last mapping I was doing in Playbeat for MIDI outputs and Live crashed. Project hasn’t been crashing before or after. This was the VST3 version, is there a more a less stable version on there? Latest installer.

Crashes Ableton with plain VST too every time on the last MIDI output slot assignment (T8).

Hello Model10000,
May i ask which is your OS version?

Sure, Monterey 12.6.3