Playbeat 3.1.5: Automating selection of quick presets during playback

Hello, I am trying to create a demo drum track in Cubase 9.5 using an automated sequence of Playbeat presets for the different sections of the song. For example I want to play preset 1 for the first 4 bars and preset 2 for the next 8. I have mapped the preset selection to CC messages (notes work too) and can perform the switching during live playback and record the MIDI messages that are sent during the live session.

On playback, the messages/notes recorded to MIDI are not switching presets in Playbeat as I want them to. I assumed it would work in playback the same as live, similarly to playing a synth part in a VST live on a keyboard, record the MIDI, it, and play it back through the same VST.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve gotten so far with this but now I’m hitting a wall. Generally speaking my goal is to use MIDI messages to automate Playbeat functions during playback.


Hello PB3_User,
Have you tried via CC messages through your controller and not from MIDI clips?

Yes, if I understand correctly that is what I am doing during live playback and it works fine. The reason I want to save the control changes to midi clips is so that I can fully automate Playbeat functions exactly the same way each time I play the song.


When having notes on the midi clip though, it will trigger notes to the sequencers.
(see screenshot attached)

You can either record the CC messages, or, we can take this into account for our next update and we could introduce a dual mode for the incoming MIDI notes.

Nice to see someone using the venerable Fireface 400. :slight_smile:

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