Playbeat 3: MIDI out routings not saved. Unable to assign individual MIDI tracks in Cubase

I’ve been wasting valuable work time trying to figure out what is going on with PlayBeat 3 in Cubase. MIDI output routings are not saved each time I try and assign a Playbeat 3 track to a Cubase device. As soon as I click out of MIDI settings the assignment disappears!

Also when making a new MIDI channel Cubase include ALL my VST instruments as options to use apart from (you’ve guessed it…) Playbeat 3!

Are these bugs or am I going senile?

Also it would be useful if you included information on the MIDI output routings page in your manual. There is nothing in there about it and it was only whilst checking a YouTube channel that I noticed the reviewer clicking into a mystery new window in the MIDI page settings.
The GUI isn’t very clear or intuitive and I wouldn’t have found it without without seeing the Youtubers review.

Also the bug with the double MIDI file exports also affects me in Cubase. And they still don’t work in controlling the software.

Hoping I can get this sorted with your help.


Hello TechnoHead,

Thanks for reaching out.
Are you able to click on the Lock MIDI Outputs after you have set up your routing(s) ?

Here’s an example:

About all MIDI settings, all details can be found in our video tutorial too:

Let me know if everything is working for you.


Thanks for your assistance. I have assigned different notes to each MIDI track in the options and locked those settings.

Regardless of which MIDI stem I export it still plays back the full loop with all sounds. The MIDI file appears to have no effect on playback? It always plays back the full loop even if I mute or remove notes. Is there some way to mute the main output so it ONLY plays back the notes in the MIDI file?

As I mentioned before it also exports multiple copies of the same MIDI file on top of each other which is surely the incorrect behaviour? Others have mentioned this behaviour on various music forums.

How are we supposed to build a progression in the DAW if it is not possible to edit the notes in the exported MIDI files?

I normally build the percussion up via MIDI parts and then bounce that out as audio once I’m happy with it. Is this not possible with Playbeat 3?

The MIDI output settings in the video above are there to allow you to trigger another module in real time, for example loading another Drum Machine in another track on your session and using Playbeat as a MIDI sequencer to ‘feed’ it.

Is this working for you?

About the MIDI export, the data that are being exported from the export tab, precisely print he pitch changes that are available on the Pitch tab, Playbeat’s Pitch Shifting engine.
They do not correspond to actual playback if fed back to Playbeat as you would do in a normal drum machine where not real-time pitch shifting is involved.
This again is to ‘feed’ another module not necessarily in real-time.

I can confirm that this has been slightly confusing to some users and we have solved this by adding the same MIDI triggering options as we did with our Loppmix app where you will able to trigger sounds, stems, full mix or individual remixes which you can later edit via midi that can be fed back to Playbeat and will come with our V4 which is currently on final phase of development.

Meanwhile, I would recommend that you use the Audio drag/export in your sessions.