Offset (nudge) beats

Being able to offset each beat either positively or negatively would be amazing.

It would allow some nice effects like having beats trigger just before or after the downbeat to make it feel like a drummer is “pushing” or “dragging” the beat.

Also, it would allow a “humanize” randomizer to be possible.

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Hello Tentype,

You can already do this using the Shift buttons at the top of the sequencer(s).
Moreover, this will control any sequencer that is selected at the moment (1, 2, 3 etc… or ALL)


Or perhaps you mean a more detailed track-delay control?

The shift button is great for moving beats up or back a whole step, but what I’d love is a way to SLIGHTLY offset the start of a beat to give a more human feel to a sequence, allowing a beat to get triggered with a slight delay or slightly before, not a full step earlier or later.


I 100% agree with the OP. A nudge offset would be amazing. If you get a chance, check out how Fors implemented in their plugin called Opal. Below each pad is a small slider that lets you nudge a little forward or back. It looks like a slider for pan in the screenshot, but that slider doubles as a nudge when on a certain page.

Thanks for the information,

With our upcoming V4 update we have already added a Track delay control which controls exactly what you’re after globally for each sequencer. We will check if we can control this per step and not per sequencer.


chiming in for offset per step here too,

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Please, please, please beta run this in Reason 12 Win 10/11. Thank You :slight_smile:

DAW version in Reason 12/Win 10 : There is a lil’ bug on the Pan at the moment on each mixer track. If on C (centre) and I click on < left arrow or > right arrow then the Pan jumps +5 in either direction.
Once past +5 in either direction, then, clicking the left or right arrows acts as normal, just thought I would mention it.


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