Using Playbeat as a controller for other drum plugins?

Hi guys,

Forgive me if this is a noob question, but I searched and did not see an exact answer to this. Can I set up Playbeat to control an external drum plugin - like say Native Instruments Karrieem Riggins Drums - in real time, so I can use the smart randomizer with drum sounds/kits that aren’t already in Playbeat?

I see a lot on exporting MIDI, but I don’t want to export one static file. I want it to creatively keep randomizing beats in real time for other drum plugins? I’m in Ableton, BTW, if anyone has specific steps on how to do it there.


Hi mikah912,

Thanks for reaching out. You can definitely ‘feed’ any other module via the settings tab.
Here’s how:

Thanks! Just to be clear, this will ensure that no AUDIO is heard or exported from Playbeat, but instead all sounds will be triggered from the other module that Playbeat is controlling?

You can simply mute the Playbeat Instrument track so no audio from Playbeat is reaching your Master.