Playbeat - shift/delay single steps

I am currently using Playbeat as pure Midi Step Sequencer triggering different channels of my DAW which works like charm!
What I am missing, is a feature to shift (delay) single steps manually to create some kind of stumbling, bumpy beats.

Hy, You can " Shuffle " each step separately selecting the instrument on the left side ( numbers 1-8 ) , if this is what do you meant …or " Shift "
What i miss it to shuffle each steps separately and then Shuffle the hole kit …but this it not working at the moment, based on my computer … And at the moment if I’m shuffling each steps and then try to shuffle the whole kit, the master shuffle acts like controlling all of the instrument at the same … I Hope The staff will see this and implemented in the next update :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Lapidar,
I can confirm a track delay functionality is in the works and we will try to deliver the soonest.


Thanks, but no, I literally mean a delay option per step - not per track (instrument).
I assume we are talking about the same when you mention to shuffle each step separately.
The shuffle function itself does what it is intended to do. A nice shuffle groove for the selected track - whereby it just delays every second step for the appropriate amount. I would like to delay specific steps of one track altough I must say that this could interfere with the shuffle setting for the whole track.
But sometimes i would like to just delay the Offbeat (for ex an open hihat) for some milliseconds.
Or delaying every second bassdrum hit (4/4) - or delaying a regular snare drum a bit, which normally would trigger on the same beat as every second 4/4 bassdrum.
Or maybe to get some humanize flair into a beat if that makes sense…

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@Audiomodern ,
Thanks! I really have the feeling that you are listening to customers.
But are we talking about a track delay or step delay?

Now i understand and i think this it a great future to have !

Yes, i thought the request was for track delay function which is on the making. A delay per step seems interesting and definitely doable. I will transfer it to the rest of the team to see how to best implement this.

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