Mutation in Riffer

I use Riffer daily and love it! I was thinking the other day of a possible feature request: Riffer is great at randomization but there are times when I want to constrain the generative notes a bit more–let’s call this idea a “mutation”. In this mutation use case, I want to create a riff that has some prescribed notes–currently handled perfectly with the locked step feature–but also some steps that are constrained to a specific range of notes. So, imagine a “mutate step” mode that is similar to the current “lock step” mode but allows me to select three or four notes per step. When played back the sequence would randomly play back each of the four selected notes approximately 25% of the time as the sequence hits that step. I hope that makes sense!

Hello lukesleepwalker,
Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions for Riffer. I can confirm this is being worked for our upcoming major update along with several other new and creative features.

Stay tuned!

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