Riffer request pls

Coming from Playbeat 3 where we have random button for each task (note, pitch, volume, pan etc ) I think it would be very nice if we have also the random buttons near each task in Riffer ( note, duration, velocity, dencity )… At this point (having Playbeat 3 in that way ) I think it’s time-consuming to lock parameters and then go back and randomise… The lock function it’s good in some cases so I don’t want to be excluded… But if you can please implement that in the Riffer so we can be more creative :slightly_smiling_face:
… Also features from Gate Lab can be included in Riffer and PlayBeat 3 for making it more powerful, I’m talking about the function that allows you to make complicated sequences or simple sequences in Gatelab ( Settle, normal and complex ) …this are very very good features !!!
… Another thing that in my opinion will help a lot will be, to have the piano roll locked or not in key when you choose the scale, I know we have the keyboard button that makes everything in scale but I think will be more easy if we see the scale notes lines in a darker colour or any colour you want, also to have it lock on that scale !
… These are just some ideas that came through my mind when I was working with your plug-in if you find them useful please implement it ! Thank you very much

Hello Jhon_BJ, I hope you’re doing well.

I can confirm all of these are coming with our upcoming Riffer update.
Stay tuned!


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That’s fantastic !!! I can’t wait… thank you very much… this is such a good news :star_struck: