Riffer Play Chord notes

Hi, it will be very nice if Riffer can trigger only the chords notes of a given midi on his channel… He can trigger the midi input but with chords functiom will be the Father of all riff generators :smiley:

Hello Jhon, I hope you’re doing well.

Thanks for reaching out. We have a different app which focuses on Chord creation/randomization & progression patterns.

Feel free to give it a spin:

You misunderstood me I was talking about having a chord progression as midi and riffer randomise notes from that chord progression, I mean riffer triggering only notes from that chord progression … i know I can save a cord notes and riffer randomise only from there, and i also know about the function that allows us to randomise one note from a MIDI fil, but how about randomising the notes from a given chord progression ? It makes sense now ?

Thanks for the clarification, this is a really interesting addition. We can definitely try to add such a functionality while we are working for our next major update for Riffer.

Stay tuned!

super nice …thank you !