Here's a randomization mode I need

Here’s a randomization mode I need - specifying how many notes to change on each Infinity mode regeneration, or Dice click. With none of the existing notes or steps locked, Riffer is to randomly select some of the notes to change.

So, eg. if I have a 5 step/5 note sequence and select “1 note subject to change,” each time the pattern regenerates 1 note of the sequence is changed, and the other 4 remain unchanged.

Thanks for the suggestion,

At the moment this can be achieved by locking the notes you need to to stay unchanged. We’ll see if we can add this to the upcoming V4 update.

Thank you for replying. I guess I could have been more clear… Because it’s not about the user locking steps or notes. If I lock notes, Riffer will not change them.

Presently, in a 5-step sequence, Riffer chooses any/all of the 5 notes to change.

In the new mode, I want to specify HOW MANY of those notes to change, not WHICH notes. In the above example, I wanted Riffer to choose and change 1 of the 5 notes.

So, new mode will have RIFFER CHOOSE which 1 of the 5 notes to change, while 4 remain unchanged. Each regeneration Riffer chooses a different 1 of the 5 notes to change. This would not be possible if I had locked notes.

Here’s an example, created with my homespun tools. It has two sequences of four notes. One sequence has 4 steps of 1/2 notes, the second is 4 steps of 1/8 notes. Each sequence plays twice then changes one note. Runs 60 seconds.

Thank you for the clarification and demo.
We’ll make sure this is possible with our upcoming version.