Musically intelligent Riffer

Feature request, Riffer.
Disclaim: this is a suggestion for Riffer 2025 (!), if you Audiomodern are already developing a new version I am not asking to put this into the current development.
Riffer 2025 might have a “musical mode” that divides a measure into 4 segments, let’s call them ABAC. The first 2, A and B, are generated random. The 3rd segment is a transformation of A, meaning that follows a deterministic rule, but selected randomly by the software from a list of possibile transformations, such as: copy A, transpose it up/down 1-2 or 3 grades of the selected scale, invert time, invert pitch etc. C is generated randomly, but with a constrain, the same rythmic pattern as B. This is just a suggestion of course, but I think you get the picture, I mean, let’s give a musical structure to randomness. The user might not be aware, this could happen within the software, for instance by a small upper button, called “musical”, similar to the “light” generation button that I see in Loopmix. Most riffs I know have a musical structure and it’s difficult to get there by simply clicking a general random button repeatedly.

Hi fcaroson,

Thanks for reaching out and for taking the time to share your feedback here. This is a very interesting approach.

At the moment our upcoming version will utilize our newest multi-functional keyboard that is present on Loopmix app, which will trigger Riffs and variations, i think this can be used with what you suggest, assuming that we could auto-generate musical structures directly from there.

Stay tuned.