Chordjam linked to Riffer (already a possibility?)

Hello there,

Really enjoying exploring Chordjam, Riffer and Loopmix, so thank you for those products. I’d like to make a feature request, but, as stated in the title, it might already be possible and I just don’t know how to implement it yet ( midi routing?).

Essentially, I’d like to be able to link Chordjam to Riffer so that Riffer could generate riffs from the output of Chordjam.

I’d like to be able to do this so I can create chords and bassline sequences in Chordjam and have various melodies also created in tandem in Riffer (obviously not just a replication of the chord sequences created in Chordjam) that could be used as guidelines for, say, vocal arrangements.



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Hi. I wonder,

a) Can Riffer currently (August 2023) be set up to track the chord progression(s) from Chordjam?

b) If not, is such a feature being worked on for hopeful release this year (2023)?


Hello @Sir_Caramel & @Progster

I can confirm that this is one of the features that we’re actively working on, we will soon have a system which will allow seamless communication between all of our apps. Currently there is no ETA for it, but we hope we can start rolling this out towards the end of the season.

Stay tuned!

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Very much looking forward to that, and thanks kindly for the communication.

Great news! Thanks for the heads up on that. Looking forward to it!

Really? I’m now wondering about the possibilities if Riffer and Chordjam link with Loopmix …

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I would like to add that I think ideal flexibility would include the ability for the user to choose between:

a) generating notes based on a chosen scale (regardless of the chord progression), as now

b) generating notes based on the changes of the chord progression (with some kind of optional control as to tension(s) allowed).

Either choice has the potential to be musically valid, so having both available would be excellent.

Any news of this feature? This would be so helpful and really add so much value to these apps. So far I need to use Progressions and Euclidean within a host for this, but it would be so much more fun to do this with Riffer and Chordjam. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Benky,
We agree with this, and although we’re a little late with this development we do have a series of updates coming really soon which will allow the implementation of this new system as this concept requires major changes in the apps core logic. Thank you for your patience.