Modifier Key to quick delete presets

Hi There,

Loving the plugin and thought I’d share a couple of ideas that would be really useful to my workflow.

  1. Being able to use a modifier key i.e. CMD + Click to delete existing Quick Load slots, rather than having to go into the Presets menu each time. Being able to MIDI map this function would be great for live aleatoric performances as well

  2. Being able to collapse available notes in the sequencer into a ‘Diatonic Only’ or Scale mode

I have RTFM’d but apologies if these features already exist and I missed them!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also I find it a bit hard to see which notes are active in the Duration tab of the sequencer. Maybe a different coloured bar for active steps?

And a switch that enables you to add / delete notes from that space as well would be excellent. For example, there is no active step enabled in the Pitch tab but if I modify a Duration length, it assumes that I want a step there so enables it.

I feel this would have to be an optional choice though because depending on your workflow it could be annoying