Extra presets . More advanced presets

Sorry for my amateur PhotoShop skills but i have more important feature request for the future :slight_smile: I’d like to have more presets . 16 is ok but not enough within my request concept .
at least 32 or 64 better or even more if possible . current preset buttons size could be smaller to give more space to extra presets.

equaly impotrtant or even more iimportant is for presets to have ability to save and recall sounds . I know there’s option to import presets with sounds from browser but what I’m requesting is different .from main pannel where currently you have 16 presets you could have more advanced presets with ability to reference its own sounds . like for instance I’m on preset 3 and randomised all sound on all tracks or some tracks and want to save presets with those sounds . on next preset I could have different set of sounds stored . by selectin presets each preset would bring on saved sounds not oly settings . currently only playbeat various setting are stored and recalled but you cant’t recall sounds . I’m not sure how complex it might be in terms of coding to implement this but referencing thats what I’m thinking that could work .
Then instead of exportimg MIDI clip from export menu we could simply drag and drop preset onto timeline in chosen DAW like on my mastrpiece image supplied :smile: these changes could take as it is excellent PlayBeat to another level . i really would like to hear your opinion. if requsts are reasonable and possible to implement at some point .

Many Thx

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Hello GenCode and thanks for your feedback.

With our V4 update approaching, we will be introducing the same multi-functional performance keyboard that is currently available in our Loopmix app, which besides storing all remixes along with the main preset, will also provide more slots for remixes.

Stay tuned.


Great , looking forward to it !

Hey , I was wondering are we in beta yet ?


Hello GenCode ,

No beta version yet, but we’re close.

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Thx please let us know . happy to test it !