Chordjam iOS 16 preset buttons


In Chordjam iOS, at the lower left, there is a button labeled ‘PRESETS’. Pressing it dismisses the piano keyboard and replaces it with 16 slots, initially populated with plus signs. If I press one of those, the current configuration (of everything?) gets saved in that slot and the plus sign is replaced with a number. Subsequently, pressing that number will re-invoke the preset saved there. OK, so far. But I have not fully figured out this section.

For example, having saved such a preset in a slot, how can I then replace it, or delete it?

Is the operation of this section documented anywhere? (its not in the current downloadable manual, as of 20230612)

Is there a video tutorial covering this section anywhere?

The idea of having 16 presets one touch away is great, but the info needed to do all the edit operations to set that up seems to be lacking.

I’d be happy to hear from either users or Audiomodern staff on this subject.


Hello Progster,

Thanks for reaching out. This is explained on our video tutorial/overview.
You can re-arrange/remove any quick-load slot preset via the preset manager tab, as shown in the below screenshot:

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Hi. Thank you very much for your reply.

There are so many vids available, yours and others, many of them old (obsolete?). Could you kindly provide a link to the one you are directing me to? (and the time, if you know it)

Thanks again.

This is a signature system as most Audiomodern plugins work this way.

You can easily assign any preset from the preset manager to the quick-load slots by simply changing the slot number (drop-down panel) next to the preset name -or- you can also save a new preset by clicking on an empty slot bypassing the need to open the preset manager and save a preset from there.

Here’s our complete tutorial, you can check out the functionality towards 32 min. mark.

I’m setting up my Preset slots successfully now, so thanks very much for the pic, the video link, and the explanations!