Mapping across different packs

Would be nice to get all packs mapped to common channels, Kick on #1, Snare on #2, Closed Hi Hat on #3, Open HI Hat on 4, etc. (as some packs presets do not correspond with others) It will be more effective for SMART Randomization, as Hi hats would randomize Hi hats etc. Seems an easy way to map channels (instruments) would be the sample trigger screen (dragging, moving)… and saving the map…

Loving PB3…


Hello RajahP,
Thanks for taking the time to offer some feedback.

This is definitely the way we want it to work unless in some cases the presets do not contain the typical Kick,Snare,HH etc… but have a more experimental approach. In any case we do our best to keep the order that you propose present in our expansions.