Better Preset Manager for Pack Creation

Hey guys, I’d like to call your attention to the management of presets when it comes to creating a pack. At the moment, the only way to drag the presets onto the pack folder is one by one. This really needs a way of selecting and dragging all presets at once as it is a drag to do it one by one. Also, a preset counter to know how many presets a user has created for a pack would be very useful, as again, counting them one by one is a pain. Cheers.

Hello carlosbtlr,

Thank you for the feedback. This is a feature already present in our Loopmix app, we will make sure it is ported over to Playbeat as well.

Stay tuned!

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Thanks, it would be great also to have custom tags to filter the presets out, as opposed to the current predefined list of genres.

Hi carlosbtlr,
You can already filter presets using the search field. see screenshot:

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