LP Filter/HP Filer in sample edit

As the title says I suggest a LP Filter/HP Filer in sample edit or the mixer for each of channels. Sometimes when messing with samples really high or low c-2 - g8 you often get very low rubbles when all you want is clicky sounds. It would be nice to save me a clean up stage later and also for jamming its just cleaner. Anyone else feel this would be really useful? I love this plugin but I had this idea within the first day of using it, I’m surprised its not all ready implemented would be so handy given randomisation is such a feature of this plugin. Would help keep things so much sonically cleaner when randomising pitch.

By the way if the devs read this, this is my fav plugin maybe of all time… this suggestion is made with pure love!

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Hello Diagnosedhuman,
Thanks for taking the time to offer some feedback on Playbeat. I can confirm that we are working on a set of audio effects for each individual tracks.

Stay tuned!


This is amazing! : ) I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.