Playbeat nice to have features to consider

Hey guys, incredible plugin, just a few nice to have features to consider for future upgrades:

  • MIDI Gate trigger: Right now, Playbeat can only be triggered with the host; it would be awesome if it were possible to trigger it with MIDI notes in order to control it more precisely. This could also open up the possibility to trigger different presets with different MIDI notes as well.

  • Better sound editor and envelopes: The waveform display of the sound editor is rather chunky, and it would be great to have a fully featured ADSR envelope instead of just fade in and out.

  • Sound Effects: It would be great to have some basic serial and parallel sound effects like EQs, Filters, Reverb and Delay accesible through the mixer or the sound editor.

Hello carlosbtlr,

Thanks for reaching out and for taking the time to share your suggestions.
I can confirm all of the requests that you mention are being worked and hopefully we will add them the soonest as new updates roll out.

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Hi! Great plugin!

I would really like the Linear Group-function able to apply to the auto-remix function.
Using it for congas, wanting to keep but vary the pattern slightly, but not getting two sounds from the “same hand” at any moment. Makes sense?


Hello Johan,
Yes, that makes sense. We will try to deliver with our upcoming update!