Loopmix - UX improvement when loading loops

My suggestion is this:
Let’s say I select track 3

Now I want to load a loop and I click the field at the top:

Loopmix sends me to the browser. Track 3 on the right should be selected by default, like this, because that’s where I came from:
Each field to load loops should be internally connected to the track we have selected.

Now when I scroll through my loops and I find one I want to use, I double click it and it automatically loads the loop to track 3, because it’s selected.

Dragging and dropping is not the best workflow, especially because let’s say I open the browser and someone calls me. I answer the phone, I’m away for like 15 minutes. By the time I come back I already forgot which track I was working on and I need to close the browser, click the field again. Having this visual cue (the track being purple) along with being able to just double click the loop to load to the select track, would be awesome!

I believe Playbeat is the same, so I would apply the same thing there.

That is true,
We already have this working for Playbeat, we will try and port this over to Loopmix too.