Creating loopmix packs easily on desktop

Hi there,

I have a folder with a bunch of wav samples in it. I assumed I could just click “create pack +”, invent a name for my pack, then click the plus symbol to browse and select that folder, then Loopmix will just open all the samples into its browser section underneith the packs name. From there it will wither auto save as a new pack or I would manually have to save it. However, it can’t be so simple and when I do cick the plus symbol and navigate to that folder the wavs are greyed out, meaning they can not be used and Loopmix is expecting something else. Not only am i confused as to what kind of file loopmix is expecting, but I really think this that the way I initially assumed would be the mot common sense way to build a pack. Can it just be this way?

Hello sunnypyburn,

The option of creating a custom pack in our apps is there to either serve as a backup solution, or in order to export your pack to distribute it or share with another user.

The process is exactly the same for all of our apps that host this sample management system.
Here’s how it works in Playbeat and it is exactly the same for Loopmix & Chordjam:
PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube