Using Loopmix in a DAW best practices

Can Loopmix be used to play at certain bars/sections in a DAW or do things made with it need be printed out to a rendered track? I’m just trying to understand the use case. And, I can’t seem to get it to not just continuously play while a song is being played in a DAW, which of course ends up playing the chords/notes of the loops that are loaded into loopmix while other chords/notes are being played in the DAW at other parts of the song, thus causing some issues.

So, is Loopmix intended to be used to mash up and then render to a clip and then use that clip where needed or is there a process where it can be used directly in a DAW?

Again, just trying to get an idea of best practices for usage of the plugin.

Hello powerdroid,

With Loopmix, both concepts are possible. You can definitely use Loopmix to trigger Loops/Stems and Remixes in your DAW timeline and for this you will need to switch to keyboard mode, see screenshot below:


By using this mode you can trigger the sequencers and full mixes using the keyboard at the bottom of the UI as you would do with any virtual instrument.

Be sure to check out our complete tutorial video which covers both modes:

Just to mention: you can’t use Loomix as a real-time input mashup. You always have to put in rendered files. Am I right?

That is correct, Loopmix is designed to work with imported loops.