Export loops to daw

When I have exported my loop to my daw(bitwig) and start to build the track are loopmix tracks still playing even if there are a quiet part in my track. I have tried dragging the loop into the daw and save the loop still the same issue. How do I stop loopmix to not play all the time?


Loopmix has two performance modes, one that automatically Starts/Stops along with your DAW/Host tempo, and another which is controlled by a keyboard. (see screenshot below)


Can you confirm that you are able to control the Start/Stop via your keyboard/MIDI when you set it to Keyboard mode?

I cant control it via keyboard yet, some routing i have not done. I only used loopmix via the mode that automatically starts/stops(play button) and exported the loops to the daw. If I have two loopmix tracks and they reached each other in the daw they never stops:) If I choose to deactivate synch they go silent even if i can see the loop in the daw.

You can control Loopmix via your keyboard or MIDI as any instrument. By default ‘C2’ will trigger the sequencer(s) for as long as it is pressed.

I tested with my hydrasynth and it didnt work. But with my maschine it does. But I still want to drag the loops in sometimes, can I make them mute after the sample has ended in the daw somehow?

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You should then use is as an instrument and control Loopmix’s playback via your keyboard.
Send us a screenshot of your setup and we’ll help you out.