Loopmix not playing back at correct speed and cannot see the sample

Hello, I rendered a track in abelton and pulled it into loopmix. I cannot see the wave file in loopmix but I can hear it, but it’s off beat a little. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? I’ve included a picture, doesn’t show the wave but I can hear it. I’m definitely

not ruling out user error here! Much appreciated with any thoughts.

I figured out the timing, I didn’t render it in 4 bars, but I still can’t see the wave form?

Hi grimace,

Is it possible that another track is playing in the background? Have you tried to Solo the Loopmix track?

I did solo it and it is playing. I have the timing right but why isn’t the wave form showing up?

Can you please share with us the audio file that you have imported so we can have a look at this?

Thank you, hopefully the file is uploaded correctly.

When I try to upload a .wav file I get the following error message.

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Done, thank you for looking into this!