Loopmix export issue (?) in Ableton 11.2

Exporting individual tracks via the export browser seems to render the full unaffected source sample rather than applying any Loopmix effects. Exporting the full loop however renders with all Loopmix effects applied. Can’t find anything in the manual about this being an option or toggle. Is there a setting I’m missing?

We can’t replicate this, which preset are you using? Is it one of the Factory Soundset or a custom one?

I didn’t install the factory soundset, this is with samples dropped in via Ableton’s browser

Everything else seems fully functional, it’s a fun instrument for jamming and exploring my sample library, but I’d like to be able to pull out individual effected stems as i go, for later use.

Edit: The preset is still set to INIT

Just realized I can solo the track and then render with the “full loop” button which is a serviceable workaround :slight_smile:

Glad you found a workaround, we still can’t replicate the problem.
Would you be able to share that preset with us in a pack so we can inspect?

Simply create a Pack > Drag your preset in that pack > export it.
You can send it or share a link via PM.


I’m not using packs at this time, I am trying to use the instrument in flow with my existing sample catalog. Here is a link to a short vid which shows my issue.

  1. Add Loopmix to new midi channel, with clear INIT preset
  2. Drag in sample from Ableton browser
  3. Apply Loopmix effect (in this case just cutting a simple trance gate)
  4. Export from track renders full original sample, no effects
  5. Export full loop successfully applies effect to rendered sample
  6. See difference between the two rendered samples

EDIT: Also tried importing samples via Loopmix’s native browser by adding the folder then dragging the samples within Loopmix, with the same results.

Thanks for the video.
This is by design, we will add the option for the export to take into account the gate sequencer too.

Meanwhile, as KNGMAO suggested above, a workaround is to solo the track and use the full loop export.

Thanks for your patience,

I am KNGMAO, lol, and thanks :slight_smile: I’m not sure why I would want to render an unaffected sample, when I can just drag that unaffected sample in from its original folder, but I assume there is a reason.

Sorry (!) An update, this affects the sequencer’s gate, not the rest of the tabs (Pitch/Re-arrange etc…) Correct?

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Confirming that this affects the sequencer/gate but not pitch, rearrange, or reverse. Why would this be by design? It seems like the sequencer pattern is the most important part of a remix/arrangement and the default behavior should be exporting the sequenced stem.

Solo’ing stems and exporting the full loop is a workaround, but pretty awkward as this adds four clicks including a tab switch per stem.

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I came here to report the same issue. It seems really counterintuitive that the individual exports would sound different than the whole track if exported. I would really love to have this work like how I expected it to.

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Confirming that yes, this does only affect the gate. I prob should have tested more but it’s the first element in the effects rack :slight_smile:

FL studio 20 user reporting the same problem. When exporting, the stems will pop out without the gate effect. All other effects are translated during export. Great plugin so far! (wasn’t using any preset, just my own samples)

Some UI feedback, maybe have it so that you can choose what affects you export with. Which would add more variety to this massive plugin. This would also help if a user is scared of loosing the current settings but he just wants to quickly export with certain effects.

User clicks export > sees some toggle buttons/switch that say export with gate, reverse, density, ect… (should be defualt to export with all)

Thanks MathSlayer,
We’re working to correct this to our upcoming update.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks Audiomodern! Loving the plugin overall, was just surprised by this workflow.

One other feature request since I’m posting: consider an adjustable attack/release parameter for gates/slices? Chopped transients create a very percussive sound. Sometimes this is desirable but it would be great to have the option for gentler transitions.

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This is coming soon, stay tuned.

Looking forward to the update . The workaround by soloing works, but is rather tedious.


I’m having the same issue, but I also experience that the exported loop is normalized automatically:

When is the update coming with this fix?

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