Locking a track and hitting the button to randomize all samples, still changes the sample on the locked track

If I lock track 1, it would be expected that when I click the ALL button

and I hit the sample/loop randomize:

it would leave that sample/loop intact and just randomize all samples/loops on the other tracks. It doesn’t seem to be the case.
Maybe I want to keep that sample/loop and just randomize all the other 5 tracks and having to randomize them one by one is extra time and work that could be achieved if the lock feature actually locking everything on that track.

Lock buttons would also be useful on the browser menu so we could lock individual tracks and just randomize everything else. Here:

This is explained on the tutorial,
You need to lock your samples from the sample manager, then randomize. (see screenshot below)

Can you please confirm this is working?

To be honest, I thought that icon was a Record button. Maybe you could consider having icons that are more explicit…?

Yes, that’s working in the browser. Now my question is: why does it work there, but not when I’m in the editor? That’s where I spend most of my time and clicking the lock there would make more sense than having to go to another window just to lock that track, then if I want to make changes I go back to the editor, then back to the browser to unlock/lock tracks…

The user shouldn’t be jumping around to do things that are specific to that window. When I’m working on the more creative side of things, which is the editor, all the tools there should allow me to do that, instead of going to the browser.

Thanks for clarifying the icon thing, anyway. I still think the icon could be a bit more clear.

Sure, we can include the sample-lock along with the track lock at the right side of each sequencer. The reason it is on the sample manager is because it is the tab that deals with samples and the loops loaded in the slot(s).

But if that was the reason for it, then why would we have this?

If we can click ALL or each individual track and we can randomize and/or go one sample up/down, that means that you are offering the same options as the browser, right? So why would the lock in the browser lock, but not the one in the editor?

Yes, you are able to use these from the track controls, but you are not able to lock the sample using the track lock, the track lock was intended to lock the sequencer and not the sample slot(s).

This is a small detail, we will add this.