Loopmix Sequencer Slice Adjustment & Other Requests

In the “Sequencer” mode (not “Re-Arrange”, “Reverse”, “Density”, etc.), may we have the ability to add more slices than the 16 available?

For instance, the Sequencer is an “On/Off” grid. But this grid is limited to 16 steps. Meanwhile, when one would go to any of the other parameters:


These parameters can be adjusted up to 64 slices per sequence!

Yes, I could technically go to the “Volume” parameter and give variable 0 - 100 volume adjustments, but a simple on/off in the sequencer area would save a ton of time.


Could we have more subdivisions besides 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64? How about 5? Or 15? Same for the Density parameter - buzzes and repeats in odd numbers instead of just 2’s and the one ‘triplet’? Again, 5 or 7?

The reason I’m asking for these structural changes is because not everyone makes electronic music that only falls on the beat. Loopmix is also idea for microsound and lowercase, as well as other abstract sorts of music that don’t use typical time-signatures.

Hi NeuroNoNeuro,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I can confirm that we have received similar requests and we will check if we can implement these additions to the current engine with our upcoming updates.
About the Sequencer steps, you can achieve the same result by adjusting the Sequencer speed in conjunction with the Loop speed settings.

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Then maybe one other request - could the waveform view be made to accommodate the entire waveform if it is say, a 4-bar loop? I’m primarily using the standalone as a separate sequencer to prepare loops for other DAWs versus using the plugin. Rather than having the waveform ‘scroll’, it would be nice to see it all in one view, or if it is shorter than 4-bars, seeing it repeat itself over the entire 4 bars.

Maybe it can do this already, and I’m missing the bit in the manual?

At the moment that is not possible as it was not designed to do that, but we can try and introduce a ‘whole’ view on the front tab.

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