Loopmix: no playback until plugin visible in Bitwig

In Bitwig 4.4, when I load a project which contains a Loopmix track, and press Play, Loopmix stays silent. When I click the plugin to activate/show it, only then does it start playing.

This is likely related to the plugin getting suspended. Bitwig has 3 options for Suspend: “Never”, “When silent” and “Trust plugin” (default). The problem does NOT occur when I switch this to “Never”; it does occur with the other two settings.

Btw, I also have Playbeat 3, and it does not have this issue. (And it’s the first time I’ve seen this problem with a 3rd party plugin in Bitwig; all other plugins work fine with the default “Trust plugin” setting).

Hi Marek,

Thanks for reporting this. May i please ask if that is happening for both VST & VST3 version of the plugin?

Sure, let me check pls

The problem seems to occur only with VST3. The VST (dll) version starts playback as expected.

Thanks for the info,

We will check what is causing this and correct with our upcoming update.

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