Loopmix maximise window

I have seen loopmix fullscreen, but I cant replicate it.
When stretching the window it goes only so far.
How can I have it full screen?
Still figuring this vst out.

Are you able to click and drag this striped icon at the bottom-right corner?

yes, but that only goes so far, not he whole screen.
I have had loopmix on full screen, I have a 27 inch monitor.
It is larger than the max size when U drag the loopmix window.

Btw love your support!!

this is max size with the drag feature on the VST window bottom right

I have had loopmix full screen on that monitor.
It was streched out to the max of the screen, no borders with ableton visible

OK, it seems that the window is almost at full scale, how much more you would like it to be?
Can you please share an example?

The window is at maximum scale on the screenshot I provided, thats correct.
But, thats not the issue.
I was able to have loopmix open so that it covered my whole monitor screen, 27 inch.
I quess it was a bug then.
A nice bug because it looked sweet and not stretched at all.
It was like when u drag a window to the top off the screen and that window becomes maximised
I am on windows pc and thats a common feature.
I will make screen shot when/if it happens again.

I am not complaining , loopmix at full scale is large enough.