GUI goes crazy when dragging the plugin between two monitor screens in Bitwig

Hi there,
I am using Loopmix in Bitwig 4.4.2. Whenever I drag the Plugin from from screen to the other, the GUI goes absolutely crazy and has to be closed and reopened to get back to the normal state.
Thanks in advance

Hi Daddyscrib40,
Can you please explain how to reproduce this? Do you have two monitors?

I have a MacBook Pro 2019 and an additional bigger monitor connected to it. So My DAW is running on the big monitor and the MacBook Pro monitor serves as real estate to display my opened plugins.

Thanks for the information, which of the two monitors produce this problem?

Both. As soon as I drag the GUI from the big to the small and vise versa.
Sometimes clicking on the green enlarge (+) button twice, makes this behavior disappear for a while.
Attached, find a screenshot to what button I mean.

Green button

Thanks for the info, this can be a little hard to reproduce as we don’t have an exact or similar setup.
We will run some tests to see what might be causing this and update you here.

Ok. Thanks a lot.