Loopmix - how do I navigate the sequences?

I’ve read the manual and I can’t see where I set the total number of sequences, or see what the current sequence is being edited/played.

For example if I just load the Factory Preset: Bass Beat 01 and press Play I get 2 sequences which loop.

How would I navigate to say the second sequence to edit it, or how would I reduce to just a single repeat of the first sequence ‘page’??

Hi JimDiGritz,

Loopmix hosts a single view sequencer regardless of the Loop length that is imported. To reduce to just a single repeat you need to click on the ‘Trim’ button.

Here’s our complete video tutorial: LOOPMIX by Audiomodern | Complete Overview - YouTube

Thanks, so am I right that the total sequence length is set by the longest sample length, but the sequence editing is done on a 4 bar section, which is then applied to the whole sample?

Eg I load a Factory sample (eg 90_Drumloop_13) this looks like an 8 bar loop. Am I right that my sequence edits are applied to BOTH 4 bar sections (unless I use the randomises feature set to 1 bar)?

I get the TRIM function locks the first page/sequence - but would be really useful to have a pagination like 1/3 or 2/5 to allow specific bar/page/sequence editing. Otherwise that triple repeat on the last 16th might sound great on the first 4 bar section, but not work at all on the second 4 bar section…

Or am I missing something?

That is correct, at the moment there is not an option to edit loop parts separately, but you can of course tweak and save any edits as a separate remix using the ‘remixes’ section on the keyboard and trigger them accordingly in your session.