Loopmix: a 4 bar sequencer, how to?

Help Loopmix!
The manual does not mention, but a youtube video says that Loopmix is a 4-bar sequencer.
I imported a 4-bar loop, and indeed I can play it all. The display scrolls across 4 pages, each of 16 divisions. Yet, when I engage the modify tabs (sequencer, pitch etc) I access only the first 16. How do I navigate to the following 3 pages? Is it possible? I can select more subdivisions (by selecting 1/32 I get 32 divisions of the same first page) and I can restrict the played loop by clicking and holding the horizontal upper red stripe, but I don’t know how to make it longer.
I hope I’m clear,

Hi fcaroson,
At the moment you can load any loop up to 1 minute in length. You can import any Loop of 1/2/4/8 bars long depending of the length of the audio file of course.
The sequencer steps will be the same on these tabs. You are able to see the waveform refreshing on the background when performing the remaining bars, But the sequencer settings/tabs will always remain the same.

So, in my example when the display scrolls at pag 2, if for instance I modify pitch on the 1st division at pag 2, pitch will be modified also on pag. 3, 4 and 1. This means that I have a 8 bar import, but 1 bar modify capability currently. Am I right?
Do you plan to add a full loop modification capability in the future?

That is correct.
Full loop modification would also be interesting, assuming that we would need tab controls in which we could edit the loop positions separately, and of course we will need to control the cue/playback for these tabs also separately for previewing purposes.

If we get more requests about this then we would definitely need to add it with one of our updates.

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+1 on the tabbing! Many loops, including factory are longer than a single page, it would be great to modify the entire length of loop!