Loopmix does not find samples

LOOPMIX tells me when loading a track (live 11, bigsur, imac i9) it does not find the correct samples

i removed the custom folder and added it again, hoping for a re-scan, but nada

what can i do please?


EDIT: i found the reason was a renaming of the sample containing folder
i changed the name back and the samples were found

but there must be a way to rescan a folder after changes .
i searched the manual for “scan” but did not find anything,

thanks again

Hello looptrixx,

Thanks for reaching out. If you rename/relocate a folder which is used by Loopmix preset(s) then this missing samples warning will appear.

You do however have the option to collect and re-locate all samples used and you can do this from the settings tab > Sample Library Location.

I tried that before, but it did not find the folder. That’s why i asked, if there is a “re-scan” button.
You may replicate this:
safe a preset with a loop from a certain folder. Now rename the folder ( in my case with an underline to put it on top of my sample stuff). By starting ableton the loops were not found.
Also not by settings->library location

Currently there is no re-scan option, I would suggest to not relocate/rename your samples folders. If you need to do that I would recommend that you move your entire working folders currently used in Loopmix via the change sample library location in settings.