Gather samples in a loopmix preset or relocate after making a preset

Im happy with Loopmix but if you use external samples it can be cumbersome if you relocate samples after you made a preset. I get an error stating ‘the following audio samples are missing or invalid:’ with the expected path. I cannot copy this, search or interact in any way to help relocate this missing sample which is frustrating.

The randomisation button works as expected and its a lot of fun, it ‘stays’ in the folder of the sample pool where its pointed so when you have a proper file management it gives expected results. I can imagine an option to point to a ‘higher level’ folder and use all folders within that folder to load at randomise so the file management is not as messy as it is now, all in one pool.

The trim function is only the view or all, I like to see the trim in 1/2/3/4… blocks from the start


Hi daanz,
With our upcoming 1.1.0 update we will introduce the option to choose a custom folder for your sample library and the action will gather all samples that are used.

If you wish to backup your samples along with your presets you can simply add your presets to a custom pack and export it.

About the warning ‘the following audio samples are missing or invalid’, is it possible that you are relocating your samples on your drive after you make a preset? In this case the custom pack option would help.

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